When the time comes to sell your house, it can be a very stressful experience. Even the thought of it can brew up all the anxieties you never thought you had! You’ll be pleased to know that No.1 Property Buyer are happy to help! We’re here to answer any questions that you might have. Whether you’re looking to sell your house fast, or you’re a first-time seller and you’re not quite sure where to turn. Contact us today and see how we can help!

1 – Do Some Calculations for your next venture!

Buying a new house is one of the most exciting things ever. However, before you get in too deep down the rabbit hole of financial stress, make sure you calculate your finances correctly! The majority of people who sell their property to us are 9 times out of ten, looking to upgrade the size of their property. If you find yourself in their shoes, make sure you can afford to do this to avoid any unwanted repossessions; or worse!

No.1 Property Buyer Pay the Most and Complete the Quickest!

Can I sell my house with outstanding mortgage? When choosing the No.1 Property Buyer, make sure to be transparent and let us know about any remaining unpaid fees that may still be attached to the mortgage. So, yes; to answer the question… we can help! By letting us know about outstanding fees, you’ll not only be opening up with complete honesty, but it will be a lot easier for yourself further down the line.

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To upsize, you should find out how much you can borrow so you know what price range to look at for your potential properties. If you’re downsizing, this won’t be as much of a concern, but you should take into account why you’re downsizing, as some homeowners do this due to debt. If you’re in this position, spend some time working out what you can afford comfortably. Our article, how do I know what house I can afford, will help you learn more.

2 – Prepare your house for the market!

Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting going all out when making your house look pretty; and we’re sure it’s pretty already! The best way to get the full value for your house is to amend any cosmetic mishaps that have happened during the time that you have called the place your own. Here are some quick, easy, and cheap ideas on how you can spruce up your house:

  • Fill any cracks or holes in the property, whether that be plaster or tiling.
  • Do a thorough clean of the property, making sure to focus on any carpet stains. If it seems impossible to get out, try these tips!
  • Likewise, make sure to remove any stains on the walls.
  • Cut back any shrubberies in the garden that may have got a little bit out of control.
  • Residue like mould can be a big culprit to reducing the value of a house. If your property has this issue, make sure to seek assistance as soon as possible.

These issues should never cause a big issue to potential new tenants or investors. However, many buyers just want to move in and not have to deal with upgrading a property. So, if you’d like to find yourself a genuine buyer, quickly; we highly advise the steps above!

3 – How to value the property yourself

The best way to get a starting price for your property is to shop around. Look on alternative sites to find similar properties to yours in the same area. The next step is to approach the professionals! Seek a few buyers just to get a rough estimate on your property. Don’t forget to ask us! A lot of the time, sellers are so impressed with the price they receive from us, that they will be happy to go with the price rather than compare! The others tend to come back to us too!

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4 – Decide which is the best route to go!

Probably the most traditional way to sell a home is through an estate agent on the open market. In more recent years, this method seems to be declining in popularity. This is because sellers tend to be noticing the raise in fees when the sale of the property is actually pretty low. Of course, here at No.1 property buyer, we always encourage our potential sellers to look into different avenues. After all, like we have said before; selling a house is a stressful process and you want to find the right way for you! To cut it briefly, here are some ways in which you can sell a house:

  • Auction: Without a doubt, this is the fastest way to sell anything, let alone a house! With that being said, when selling your house at auction, you aren’t guaranteed to get the set price that your heart desires; even at all. There are various auctions that you can go through, even with the sale of a house If you have any concerns when selling your house at auction; this article should help.
  • Part Exchange: There are various property companies around the UK that offer a service where you can sell your house to them in exchange for another one, then the fees and paperwork will be dealt with accordingly. Although, this isn’t a service we offer at the moment, it is certainly one that we might look into in the future! Please stay tuned on our website for further updates.
  • Sell a Property Fast!: This is a service that we can absolutely offer! When you want to sell a property fast, to an independent company who will handle any fees in a stress-free, fee-free, two-week turn around period; then look no further!