I haven’t finished paying off my mortgage. Can I still sell my house?

In a nutshell, yes. If you are in arrears of your mortgage, we will still consider purchasing your house. Simply give us a call today and see how we can help!

How fast is the No.1 Property Buyer Completion?

No.1 Property Buyer complete all of their houses in a guaranteed 14-day turnaround!

Does it cost to receive an offer?

All of our quotes are completely FREE!

How long will it take to get an offer?

We aim to complete offers in just 24 hours. Although this isn’t necessarily the final quote, it’s still the beginning!

What type of properties do you buy?

Here at No.1 Property Buyer, we don’t judge the properties that you are willing to make available to us! Whether you have a 24-bedroomed mansion, a 1-bedroomed bungalow, a 3-bedroomed apartment, or anything in between. We take anything into consideration! On the other hand, if you have a commercial property that you would like to put on the market… give us a call today!

How do you estimate my quote?

Our initial quotes are always based on what you tell us! How many bedrooms does your property have? How many bathrooms? Does your house come with a garage and a garden? Are you lucky enough to be blessed with a converted attic or basement? Let us know and we can dig out our calculators for you!

Are you a cash buyer?

We are indeed! We take all methods of payment into consideration.

Can I arrange for you to view my house?

Absolutely! However, please note that our office is based in West Yorkshire. We are able to offer viewings around the UK but those a little further afield may take a little while longer to arrange!

I’ve seen a property that you have bought. Can I rent it?

Unfortunately No.1 Property Buyer is an independent property purchasing company. However, a lot of our houses go in the hands of GT3 Properties… you can find them here.

Why do you need my contact details?

It just makes it easier for us to reach you to get a quote for your home! However, for ease of mind, we can reassure you that No.1 Property Buyer operates under strict GDPR regulations, so we promise that your information will not leave our very securely locked computers!

Are there any hidden fees?

Unlike many other property purchasing companies, No.1 Property Buyer are proud to offer a service that is completely FREE with no hidden fees at all!

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I still have tenants still living in my property. Will you still buy it?

The No.1 Property Buyer team take every property into consideration. We can buy any property in any condition, even if there is a tenant in it!

Do I need to send pictures?

If you choose to send us pictures, we can guarantee that our quotation for your property will be more accurate than without pictures.

Are you an estate agent?

Since we offer a completely FREE service and we are an independent buyer, No.1 Property Buyer does not class themselves as an estate agent.

Do you buy Probate Properties?

Yes, No.1 Property Buyer consider each and every property in every scenario! Simply give us a call today to see how we can help!

Are there any fees included?

Nope, absolutely not! All of our purchases are completely free to you, from start to finish!