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Sell Your Property in Haworth

Are you looking to sell your property in Haworth? This beautiful village holds a lot of history. Tourism is particularly focused on the Bronte family, and this has a big influence on the value of properties in the area.

Why is it so good to sell your property in Haworth?

Whether you have a shop or a house, over time the historic value of property in Haworth increases by a mile. Haworth has been on record since 1771, but the first time we heard of the village was in 1209. The nearby town of Bradford was first recorded in the market archives in 1251!

However, the history books don’t generally tell us what happened before the Bronte’s. The only thing we do know is that Haworth was a well-known source of worsted wool and yarn, which was produced here.

haworth no1 property buyer sell house

The Bronte’s in Haworth

If you choose to sell your house in Haworth, you’re likely to get a higher rate here than if your property was in any other village. You have the Bronte’s to thank for this one though. The family first moved here from Thornton in 1820. Following their popular books, they’ve not only made a name for themselves, but they’ve made a name for the whole village.

Some other unique landmarks that add value to the properties in Haworth are:

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