Hello, we are No.1 Property Buyer, a property investment company located in the North of England.

When you see the term ‘No.1 Property Buyer’ or alternatively, ‘our’ or ‘us’ or ‘we’, this refers to the owner of the website. ‘No.1 Property Buyer’ is the trading name of ‘GT3 Properties’. The registered office is located at Unit 4, Hanworth Court, Hanworth Road, Low Moor, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD12 0SG (registered company number 11923167). The term ‘you’ refers to the user or viewer of our website.

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No.1 Property Buyer purchase properties all around England, this status may change in the future but as of the moment that you are viewing this page, that is our purchasing status. We also promise to consider any property in any condition, and we promise to purchase properties in any scenario (i.e. probate, divorce, etc.)

After you have submitted the information of your property, we will provide you with a quote within 24 hours. This initial quote is not our final word, but simply the first one. This quote may be raised or lowered following an appraisal given to us by our surveyors who may arrange to attend a viewing of the property if required. This service excludes bank holidays and public holidays and will be agreed mutually.

No.1 Property Buyer’s service is 100% free to you from start to finish. We are in no obligation to accept a property. Likewise, you are under no obligation to accept our offer and have every right to negotiate.

We promise to complete the purchase of all our properties within 14 days, some cases may be sooner and in only extreme and complicated circumstances it may be longer.

If you are happy with the offer that we send to you, we will then arrange for one of our surveyors to attend your property for a full assessment. We will then arrange to get a revised offer to you within 24 hours following this. If it is needed, we may acquire reports from external sources to assist in conducting our offer.

Our promise to you is that we will provide you with a quote for your property. This quote will have no strings attached an no payments required by you, and we promise to provide you with a cash offer for your property. No.1 Property Buyer will cover all legal fees that are usually required to be paid by the seller.

The offers provided to you by No.1 Property Buyer will be under the current market value.

Valuations also consider the current state of the market. We conduct a thorough research into similar property prices within the area and combine this with our offer.

No.1 Property Buyer may withdraw a deal that is made from the sale of a property at any moment, and we have the right to do so by law. This right is reciprocated.


No.1 Property Buyer take no responsibility and liability of any interruptions to the website. Further to this, we will aim to make it a priority that our website is live and operating well at all times, although we cannot guarantee it. If you happen to come across any errors in our website, please alert us via email at [email protected]

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No.1 Property Buyer declare that we cannot accept any liabilities, and we offer no warranties that refer to the contents of this website and the website as a whole. This can be excluded by law.

You are obliged to ensure that the services offered through this website meet your explicit needs.

There are no warranties offered through this website or any of the content on this platform. We are unable to confirm that the entirety of this website is virus free. Please take all necessary precautions prior to accessing any further on the No.1 Property Buyer website. We accept no responsibility for any viruses caused to any devices that are accessed through the No.1 Property Buyer website.

No.1 Property Buyer’s main aim is to complete the transaction of a property within the agreed time of 14 days but we are unable to accept any liability for any occasion where the time is changed. We also accept no liability if we are unable to complete the purchase of a property.

By submitting your personal details to No.1 Property Buyer, you consent for your details to the possibility of any third party services using these details for marketing purposes. These companies will provide a similar service to No.1 Property Buyer. Also, by submitting your details to us you agree to your details being used for marketing purposes by us.

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We are not responsible for any decrease of revenue, collapse of any business, or loss of any savings that happen throughout the process of you using our services.


No.1 Property Buyer aim to provide an exceptional service to all of our clients. On some occasions there may be a time where our services are not something that does not meet your standards. Although we always aim to rectify any issues caused prior to completion, we always ask that you leave your thoughts with us be that good or bad.

If you so wish to file a complaint, please find the below contact details. May we ask that you submit your message with as much detail as possible and if necessary, please include any photographs or other evidence.

Complaints Department, No.1 Property Buyer, Unit 4, Hanworth Court, Hanworth Road, Low Moor, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD12 0SG

[email protected]

We aim to provide you with an efficient reply with the aim to resolve any disagreements and issues that are raised. Please give us up to 14 days to respond to your complaint. We promise to provide you with a response from higher management and will never provide you with a response from any persons mentioned in the review.

If you find that our response is unjustified and you feel that you need to take this further, you can contact The Property Ombudsman (Property Ombudsman, Beckett House, 4 Bridge Street, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP1 2LX, www.tpos.co.uk)