Selling a Tenanted Property

Would you like to sell your tenanted property? Do you have a troublesome tenant? Someone that won’t leave or doesn’t pay rent on time? Are they difficult to deal with and cause you more hassle than they are worth? We have the perfect solution! We buy all types of properties, even those with tenants already living in. If your lease isn’t due to end soon and you need an alternative, you’ve come to the right place. By selling us your property, we take away the stress of the bad tenant and provide a simple, easy service to selling.

tenanted property

We buy any tenanted property!

We look into any property you may have, so don’t fret if a tenant is making you doubt selling. It is entirely fine to sell your property with a tenant in it, but the tenants should be made aware of the sale and why you are selling. If you choose to sell your property to us, you can reassure them that their occupancy is safe. You’re not a bad landlord for wanting to sell, if it’s the best thing for you, it’s probably the best thing for your tenants too.

Should I sell my tenanted property?

Consider the reasons you want to sell your property and the reasons you don’t. If the reasons you don’t want to sell include anything like trouble finding interest in your property. The fees involved or just the general hassle of selling, take them out of consideration. This also includes any guilt or hard feelings with tenants or any struggles you think you’ll face trying to evict them. With No.1 Property Buyer, we do our best to remove all forms of stress for you as a seller. Selling a property is never easy. Here at No.1 Property Buyer, we try to make the journey as seamless as possible. We also try our best to keep all previous tenants situated and make the sale as easy as possible for them.

tenanted property

Is it difficult to sell my tenanted property?

In short, yes. Selling any property is not an easy process. The hardest part of any sale is finding a buyer that is suitable for you and can complete in a time period that works for you both. It is even harder to sell a tenanted property; you also have the added stress of having to evict your tenant or find a buyer willing to keep them. With No.1 Property Buyer, that stress is removed as you have a keen buyer set up already. We take your needs and your tenants needs into account. There is no right time to sell your property but if you’re interested, get in touch with us through our online form by clicking here, or call one of our team on the numbers on our home page.